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Legal advisory services in daily and extraordinary situations within the legal process of an enterprise.
Our Legal Department offers permanent advice in all Legal aspects, to companies as well as to individuals.

The choice of the company´s legal structure, name, constitution and registration in the Mercantile Register and the emerging needs since its founding, its growing periods or the recession ones…all these aspects will be covered by our Commercial Area:

  • Incorporations of any kind of corporations
  • Commercial contracts and documents
  • Assistance of Shareholders Meetings and provision of records
  • Shareholders´ agreements
  • Restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, purchase.
  • Working procedures
  • Defence before the Courts -companies and individuals-.
  • Arrangement with creditors and dunning.
  • Comply with current regulations for data protection.
  • Advice regarding Law of succession.
  • Advice regarding Family Law.